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Free webinar!

The Complete Guide to Small Business Insurance


Business insurance can seem daunting and overwhelming, but a few simple guidelines will help you navigate your way through insurance jargon and find the coverage that's best for your business.

Join this webinar hosted by vcita and Next Insurance to learn more about insurance options for small businesses, and discover how you can protect your business against accidents, potential mistakes, and financial liability.

Sign up and join us on Feb 9 @ 1pm CST

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Join the webinar to get answers to the following questions:
  • Is business insurance really worth purchasing?
  • Which policies are a must for a small business?
  • What should I consider when comparing policies?
  • Where can I get the best coverage for the best price?
  • If you've got any other questions, you'll get a chance to bring them up with our insurance experts during a live Q&A panel
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Guest Speakers

Joanna Cheng

Joanna Cheng

Insurance advisor @ Next Insurance

Joanna is a licensed insurance agent and works with small businesses to find the best insurance for them. She is passionate about helping small businesses find insurance solutions that protect their hard work, and ensure small businesses are never over or underinsured.

Kiran updated

Kiran Suresh

Product support specialist & Community manager @ vcita

Kiran is a support specialist and community manager for vcita. She believes in the power of tech to make life easier - and more rewarding - for small business owners! Find her work on the vcita Help Center or hang out with her on vhub, our member community!